Santa Rosa Wine Trail

The Santa Rosa Wine Trail is a collection of eleven wineries and three restaurants on the north side of town in Santa Rosa – Northern Sonoma County.

Please visit our event link to learn more about our first big event – Eat, Sip & be Merry, coming up on December 8th & 9th!

We invite you to print out our winery map. The Santa Rosa Wine Trail card is your passport to fun and adventure of some of the best wine and food Sonoma County has to offer, all in close proximity.

The benefits are simple:

  1. Print out or receive the card from one of our members and receive a complimentary tasting at each winery.
  2. Collect a stamp from each winery and be entered automatically to win a mixed case of wine.
  3. While collecting stamps, use this card at our member restaurants. Just bring in a bottle from one of our wineries with this card and receive free corkage.

To get started print the map below or visit any of our member wineries!

The offica map of the Santa Rosa Wine Trail

Santa Rosa Wine Trail Map

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